- a short introduction

The Foundation for Development of Technology in the Danish Water Sector (in short called VTU-Fonden) was dedicated to supporting the development of new technology in the Danish water sector. The foundation is established by the Danish Environmental Ministry as an independent foundation within the government bodies in accordance with the Danish Water Sector Law:

lov nr. 469 af 12. juni 2009 om vandsektorens organisering og økonomiske forhold, også kaldet Vandsektorloven.


Closing down the Foundation

The Foundation does not support projects as all activities has been stopped. 

For more information, please contact the Foundation on tel. +45 2035 1971 or send us an e-mail: tn@danva.dk

The objectives of the Foundation were:

  • to give financial support to projects, which will develop new technology to improve the efficiency and quality of the water sector, and furthermore
  • to collect, distribute and develop knowledge of and gather experience on subjects, which are within the objective of the Foundation, nationally as well as internationally

The Foundation focused on giving financial support to projects, which will lead to improvements for the water distribution and waste water companies and their connected consumers (such as households, industrial companies, institutions etc.). The improvements shall relate to quality, uninterrupted supply, environmental and efficiency improvements, including energy efficiency.

An important task for the Foundation was to contribute to the cooporation between distribution companies, universities, and industry with a view to supporting the creation of synergy and innovation in the water sector.


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